World Indigenous Youth Gathering 2019


“We assume the memory of our past to build the future with courage”

The EMJI will gather hundreds of young people from the various indigenous communities of the world to reflect and celebrate our faith in Christ from the richness of our cultures. It will be an opportunity to respond to the invitation of Pope Francis to youth to be grateful for the history of our peoples and courageous in the face of the challenges that surround us to move forward full of hope in the construction of another possible world.

The EMJI will take place in Soloy, Comarca Ngäbe-Bugle, Diocese of David, Panama, from January 17 to 21, 2019 (the so-called “days in the dioceses”). At the end of the EMJI, the participants will continue on to Panama City for World Youth Day (WYD).

Official website of the gathering:

Dates: January 17 to 21, 2019, during the so-called “days in the dioceses”, pre-event of WYD. At the end of the EMJI, all the participants continue to the capital city to follow the WYD programming, from January 22 to 27, 2019.

Place: Soloy, District Ngäbe-Bugle, Diocese of David. Soloy is one hour from the David Airport  or an hour and a half from the Costa Rican border.

Participants: The EMJI is for indigenous youth worldwide, together with their coordinators (priests, religious, youth coordinators). We hope that the youth register in the EMJI organized by their dioceses, congregations, etc.


  • The registration cost for WYD can be found at have requested a discount for the indigenous youth through the solidarity fund of the WYD, and are awaiting a response)
  • The cost for the EMJI is $ 50.00(dollars). All EMJI participants will be received at WYD as part of a “macro-group EMJI”. The “sub-groups” are coordinated by their coordinators, who will receive an enrollment account from the coordinator of the macro-group EMJI.
  • The pilgrims are responsible for their transportation to Soloy, and from Soloy to the Capital City. The EMJI committee will help with contacts with land transport companies, etc.


  • The first step is to register as a group through the form found here: CLICK HERE
  • The subsequent registration information and payment will be communicated to the group coordinator.

EMJI agenda: A series of formation brochures based on the EMJI theme will be available on the website. We ask the participants to use the brochures in formative meetings during the year 2018.

 Virtual resources: web page –

facebook , instagram and twitter – emji2019


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